Problem Child 3: Junior in Love
is a 1995 made-for-TV sequel to Problem Child, and is the third and final entry in the Problem Child film series. The film aired on May 13, 1995 on NBC. Gilbert Gottfried and Jack Warden are the only cast members to appear in all three films.


Junior is now a preteen and is forced by Ben to go to a school dance and he falls in love with a girl named Tiffany. As things take an unexpected turn when three other boys, Duke, Corky, and Blade fall for her, but Junior must get rid of them. Meanwhile, Mr. Peabody becomes a dentist and gives Junior braces.

Unfortunately, when Junior finally wins Tiffany over, she turns out to be a rich snob, and Junior plays a trick on her at a party. Afterward, he meets a nicer girl who's also wearing braces.


  • Justin Chapman as Junior Healy
  • William Katt as Ben Healy
  • Sherman Howard as Scoutmaster Philm
  • Carolyn Lowery as Sarah Gray
  • Blake Mclver Ewing as Corky McCullen
  • Brock Pierce as Duke
  • Jake Richardson as Blade
  • Jack Warden as Big Ben Healy
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Mr. Peabody
  • Jennifer Ogletree as Tiffany


  • This is the first film not to have Michael Oliver and John Ritter star as Junior and Ben.
  • This is the first Problem Child film, not to have a theatrical release.
  • Trixie, Annie, and LaWanda do not reprise their roles from the second film.
  • You will notice that Junior's house, and Mortville Elementary School are not the same, compared to Problem Child 2.