Problem Child-1-
Release Date: July 27, 1990

Runtime: 82 minutes

Rated: PG

Problem Child is a 1990 American comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan. The film stars Michael Oliver, John Ritter, Amy Yaseback, and Jack Warden.


Junior is a 7-year-old devilish kid who was abandoned at birth by his mother. He leaves a path of destruction in his wake and was returned to an orphanage 30 times, until Mr. Peabody, a adoption agent convinces a couple, Ben and Flo Healy to adopt Junior as his first day at his new home as his new grandfather, Big Ben and their cat, Fuzzball fall down the stairs.

Meanwhile, a notorious serial killer, Martin " Bow Tie Killer " Beck, who is Junior's pen pal, escapes prison to meet Junior, but doesn't know he is a kid yet. He is essential to the plot.

Junior is rejected from going to a kid's birthday party, but still goes and ruins it.

Thinking all Junior needs is some love, Ben takes Junior on a trip, which he proceeds to ruin.

Marty comes, meets Junior, discovering that he is a kid. He kidnaps Junior and Flo, leaving a ransom note. After Ben wakes up and sees the note, he goes crazy, but finds a nice picture of him in Junior's things, then rescues him. Junior calls Ben "Dad" after he's rescued.



Animated SeriesEdit

There was a animated TV series, Problem Child (TV series), that aired in 1993 . Gottfried was the only original cast member to be a voice actor. This makes him the only person to appear in all movies and the cartoon, besides Jack Warden who appeared in all movies, but not the cartoon.


The Beach Boys performed a song, "Problem Child (song) for the film's soundtrack.