Ken "Kenneth" Londoner is an American actor, who played in the second installment of 'Problem Child'. He plays the character of Alan White, appearing only in several instances and having total of a few minutes of screen time. But, this is one of Ken Londoner's earliest performances, and even though it was sort of a cameo, the critical acclaim was mainly positive.[2]

Biography Edit

Born in 1978 in New Jersey, USA, Kenneth Londoner started acting in several projects at a very young age. After his parents saw his talents, they sent him of to New York where, he excelled in his academic acting studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in New York City.  There he studied acting and it was the Youth Theatre Dadov where he was able to first appear on off-Broadway shows. At the same time, in the early 1990's he appeared in many TV Movies, including 'Problem Child 2'.[3]

Career Edit

His breakthrough happened in 1995 with 'Theodore Rex', starring alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Kenneth later involved himself in several other projects, like the movie 'Thinner' and 'Black Scorpion 2'.[4] The people loved his performance in 'Thinner', partly due to its Hollywood success and partly because it was based on the Stephen King's same-named novel.[5]

Recently, he has involved himself in minor roles in TV series like 'The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club' and 'Leap Year'.

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