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Junior Healy (born May 12, 1983) Problem Child) is A 7 Year Old juvenile delinquent who is the antihero protagonist of the Problem Child trilogy and the animated TV series.

He is portrayed by Michael Oliver in the first two films, Justin Chapman in Junior in Love, and voiced by Benjamin Diskin in the animated series.

Problem Child[]

Sister Act was born as a nun and her Sisters were mean to her as she grew up she met a priest and then married her but then they divorced and then met back and lived in 26 iglooshomes before being sent to the orphanage, because he causes trouble and chaos wherever he goes. Most times, he's surrounded by mean, selfish people, which makes him punish them with his pranks, which makes him feared and hated by those around him. He has a deadly, but very intelligent mind and good heart and is great with electricity and machinery. He wants to have a family and eventually meets Ben, his new parent and hero, who he bonds with because Ben Healy is the only person, who is nice to him and loves him.

He pees on a camp fire and manipulates a joke played by Ben's rude and arrogant friend, Roy, and gets a real bear to scare everyone at camp. Then at a birthday party, a spoiled and ungrateful girl, Lucy throws a birthday party and excludes Junior from watching the magic show, he then puts a water sprinkler in her room, gets a boy to pin a tail on a woman's ass, cuts off a girl's braid, puts a frog in the punch bowl, replaces the pinata candy with pickles and the juice, tosses all of her presents into the pool, and replaces the birthday candles with firecrackers. Later he becomes pen pals with the 1st movie's villain, Martin "The Bow Tie Killer" Beck, who comes to his home pretending to be his uncle, and kidnaps Flo, Ben's hot-tempered, self-serving wife, and Junior for ransom, and then Ben realizes that Junior loves him, so he rescues Junior from Beck at a circus and then Beck is arrested. As he was apprehended, Beck is able to steal a cop's gun and shoots at Junior. However, Ben pushes the latter aside and takes the bullet meant for him. After he collapses, Junior pleads to Ben to wake up and apologizes for all the trouble he put him and through, stating he loved him and would do good if he survived. Fortunately, Ben awakes and is unharmed thanks to the petrified prune in his chest pocket, which he had given to Junior earlier. Having overheard Junior's words, he tells him he loves him too and the pair finally accept each other.

Problem Child 2[]

Ben has divorced Flo, deciding to take Junior to a new town. While driving, Ben expresses nostalgia until Junior reminds him of the horrible abuse he endured from all those who wronged him and Ben realized his point and happily destroyed property to vent his anger. The two arrive in Mortville, where Junior goes to enroll in a new school and is amused that the principal is Mr. Peabody, who is horrified to see Junior again but claims Junior is not meant for the school and calls him a genius. As a result, he sends him to the 6th grade (so he wouldn't have to deal with him for another three years).


"Fond memories? What're you talking about? Everybody hated you: your father, your wife, those neighbors"

Actors (1-Friends)[]

  • In the original movie, while Junior is watching news clips of the Bow Tie Killer on TV, he goes into a toy box and retrieves a bowtie to wear so he can emulate his hero. The bowtie is being worn on a My Buddy doll. This is referenced in the sequel during the carnival scene, when Ben wins a My Buddy doll and gives it to Junior.