John Ritter was born on September 17,1948. He played as Ben Healy in Probled Child (1990), Problem Child 2(1991). He was a funny actor and a comedian. He played in lots of movies. He played in television shows in the 70s and some in the 80s . He has four kids , Tyler, Jason and Carly from his first wife Nancy Morgan , and Stella from his second wife Amy Yasbeck . He and Nancy Morgan were married from 1977-1996. He married Amy Yasbeck on September 18,1999. Their daughter Stella was born September 11, 1998. On September 11,2003 on Stella 's fifth birthday, John Ritter was rehearsing "8 simple rules " then he got sick and went to the hospital and died later that night. It was six days before he turned 55.