Annie Young is the mother of Trixie and the school nurse in Problem Child 2. She is played by Amy Yasbeck, who played Flo, Ben's now ex-wife in the first Problem Child movie.

Sadly, Annie couldn't date because her daughter, Trixie would run men over with her car. When she meets Ben Healy, she tells him she likes him, but she can't date anyone because of a problem at home. When Trixie ruins the school puppet show, and Ben realizes Annie is her mother, he tries to tell her he understands what it's like to raise a problem child and wants to help her, but Annie fears Trixie's behavior will get worse.

After Ben, Junior, Annie, and Trixie are kicked out and banned from a pizza restaurant after getting into a food fight with Mr. Peabody, the new school principal, Ben tells Annie about Junior's behavior, and she tries to convince Ben that in Mortville, "Trixie runs the show."

After Trixie ruins Ben's wedding to Lawanda, he tells Annie she's the one he really wants. They kiss, and with Junior and Trixie, they leave the wedding venue together.

Annie does not appear in the sequel Problem Child 3: Junior in Love. It is not known what happened to her between both films, but it is possible that she and Ben broke up by that film's point since, in that movie, the latter is seen dating a therapist and the ex-girlfriend of Scoutmaster Phlim named Sarah Gray.